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Professional Therapy

As a licensed Psychologist, and Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. French can provide the following Psychological Services: Individual. Couples. Group. Marriage, separation and divorce. Child and adolescent therapy (adjustment issues). Relationship, parenting and career transitions. Anger management. Substance abuse and mood disorders (intervention). Developmental and physical disabilities (adjustment and transition issues). These services are conducted within the guidelines of Clinical Psychological Services. Under these guidelines, each participant is a patient seeking the services of a licensed professional.

Corporate Consultation

In house corporate services include: Corporate culture assessment. Behavior management training. Team building. Management and supervisory training. Inter-departmental communication. HR consultation and employee assistance. Motivational Interview training. Documentation and record keeping. Sales and Peak Performance Training. Stress management and burnout prevention. Off-site corporate training includes: Executive retreat (clarification of corporate mission, Executive team building, etc.). Supervisory and management training. Effective interview techniques. Time management and efficiency training. Corporate merger/transition training.


Life Coaching and Awareness Training

This is a special service that is not bound or restricted by traditional guidelines, as it is educational. Dr. French has created a unique and powerful training that is focused on increasing awareness, self monitoring, restoring inner balance, in order to manifest the gifts inside of each of us.

Special Services

Dr. French also provides the following unique services: Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Retreats, Police Psychologist, Critical Incident De-briefing, Police Trauma Assessment Team, Stress management and burnout prevention, Community and service organization lectures.