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Dr. French's Books

The Only Moment There Is:
Living in the Here and Now

by Dr. David J French

Dr. French calls the mind "The Machine" and believes its sole mission is to protect us. He believes that our Machines are formed early in our    childhoods, and it protected us from all of the pains and traumas we had growing up. Dr. French will take you on a journey using intimate language and metaphors, that will allow you to visualize and truly understand how the mind works.

You Can't Trust Your Own Mind

by Dr. David J French

Did you know our mind lies to us, on a regular basis, causing us to create belief systems and view things as not safe? Dr. French explains the human psyche in simple terms, showing us how the automatic nature of the mind, as he calls it, "The Machine", is formed and programmed from our childhood experiences. This programming triggers our mind to have negative thoughts about other people or events in our life.

In Search of the Real Me: Achieving Personal Balance

by Dr. David J French

Realistic, achievable self-healing is attainable with Dr. French's "Search for Personal Balance" technique. With this method of stress reduction, the internal and external sources of stress are identified and eliminated. The exercises and techniques within this guide will help cure illnesses with emotional components and aid parents in understanding the psychological development of their children.